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Hey everyone. I'm Papito, content creator and editor. Playing videos games since F1 Racing on Atari and Super Mario Bros. Huge fan of everything SEGA and Sonic The Hedgehog. My passion for gaming shines through my streams on Twitch and all my social platforms. Creating content has been a passion of mine long before Twitch.After graduating from the Institute of Audio Research, I've worked in Music and Post-Production studios across New York as a certified Audio Engineer, Sound Designer and Video Editor. With the Audio/Visual knowledge I gained from experience and the technical knowledge needed to earn an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Software Development, I'm able to research, develop and translate your ideas into reality.I'm a proud member of Café Cultivar, a LatinX/E family focused on building and growing LatinX/E content creators, the Indie Game Collective, a community focused on assisting Indie Devs by showcasing their new and recent projects through social media and streaming platforms and most recently joined the iAM Gaming team led by iAM iKandi as Kandi's short-form content editor for TikTok, Reels and YouTube Shorts.I'm currently working as a sound designer and composer for LightRock: An upcoming mystery visual novel by Big Little Bears Games that's all about being yourself. Because you never know what someone might do if they were you...


Whether you're looking to create channel trailers, Twitch highlights or convert a funny moment into a meme I've created it all. Prices for individual videos and bundles are listed below. If you'd like to make a purchase or make your own bundle click below!

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